Wednesday, March 7, 2012

forgive but never forget

Forgive and Forget..

Orang dah berbuih mulut cakap "forgive but never forget, so you will not repeat the same mistake". Tapi sebagai salah seorang manusia yang degil dan keras kepala kat planet bumi, aku mmg suke "forgive and forget". Aku bukan spesis pendendam, aku maafkan semua kesalahan manusia kat aku. Tak kisah la pernah sakit hati atau pernah buat jahat ape pun, aku maaf kan semua tanpa mendoakan apa2 sekalipun. Maafkan semua kesalahan dan lupekan semua bende. Lupe tentang semua yang pernah terjadi, lupekan semua yang ade kaitan dengan kesalahan tu, dan lupe kan manusia tu skali. ;)


Boysbe9 said...

yes, sy suka forgive & forget. hidup kita pn jd lebih tenang.

namasayatihah said...

umm..i agree on forgive??but forget??me don't think so..hehe~

not that I am up for revenge or sumthing but for can only forgive but to forget, if n only if one caught an amnesia then u might forget. sometime for not being able to forget is a good thing. It may help u not to make the same mistake ever again. Take it as a lesson learnt.

What ever happen in life, we must not forget because life taught us to be better. That is the whole point on having memories...;D

Just my thoughts...hee~

wafa azman said...

@mal: hihiii kite mmg same tapi tak serupa :)

@tihah: really appreciate ur thoughts ;)

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