Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Learn to love someone

When we meet the right person,
When we are in the right place at the right time,
this is an opportunity

When we meet someone who makes us interested,
this is not a choice
this is an opportunity.

Meet in an event is not a choice,
this is an opportunity.

If we decide to love that person,
even though his/her weaknesses,
this is not an opportunity,
this is a choice

When we decide to be with him/her,
this is a choice.
A choice that we have to choose.

Even when we realize that there are other girls/guys
Even more interesting, more intelligent, richer than him/her,
but we still choose to love him/her,
That is a choice.

Feelings of love, sympathy, interest,
are an opportunity for us.
But true love is a choice.
The choice that we choose.

"Fate brought us together, but still rely on us how to make it works "

"We are not looking for a perfect person to love
BUT learn to love a person who is not perfect in a perfect way"

p/s: Kim, ade yg wf edit skit2.. ;D tQ


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