Monday, May 9, 2011

203: positive energy ---

i need positive energy ---

Mohd Zaki Akbar: life is always full of surprises....dont take it as something that can shaken/dampen your spirit but take it as a valuable lesson and its after all makes life is more beautiful.....just my 2 cents la....:)

Mohd Zaki Akbar you are lucky enough to have that kind of valuable surprises just for a month time...others may not be so lucky..their lives is just routine and i said before it will be stressful if you are not in agreement with the situation...face is is done...what can you learn from it is something that is indeed valuable in the future....:-)

Siti Nasuha Suffian Wee kalau k.long stress,tgk bende comey,dress up comey comey,pakai lekcu pinkkkkkk bg comey,comey=happy,xstress.. insyaallah k.long deh.. :)


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