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Long distance relationship: heaven or heartache?
10 simple ways to stay connected..
By: FamilyResource.com

1. Be Mentally Prepared

Long distance relationships can be hard to do, especially if yo are not completely committed to them. Before you attempt a long distance relationship, you need to make up your mind that you will commit to the relationship. Things may feel more or less happy at times, as any relationship does, but it can be easier to give up a relationship with distance if you are not fully committed to trying.

2. Make Face to Face Dates

Very few long distance relationships can survive without face to face dates. Having set dates to see each other can make the time apart easier to manage. Whether yo can see each other once a month or once a year, making plans to see each other is very important.

3. Keep Your Dates a Priority

It can be easy to let life get in the way, yet when yours is a long distance relationship you have to make time together a priority. Because long distance relationships lack the frequent contact that helps couples stay close, keeping the few dates you have is crucial. Make certain that you have arrangements ready and that you can say "no" to any last minute problems that may hinder your face to face time.

4. Have Daily Contact

No matter how far apart you are, couples in a long distance relationship can make an effort to contact each other at least once a day. Whether it is a short email or text message, or a lengthy phone call, having some sort of daily contact keeps the couple connected.

5. Go the Extra Mile

As in any relationship, taking a few extra steps from time to time to show that you care can be very important. Occasionally send a handwritten letter or card that shows that you care. With many companies willing to ship packages anywhere, you can order flowers or gifts to be sent to your partner almost anywhere in the world. These simple surprises can make a long distance relationship feel much closer.

6. Make Communicating Fun

When all you have is a computer or piece of paper to talk to, making contact can feel like a burden at times. Keep things light and fun to avoid feeling drained by the long distance communications.

7. Have Conversations When You Can

Text messaging and social networking sites such as Twitter and FriendFeed have made it easier to have conversations with anyone at any time. Couples in different time zones may need to find time for conversations whenever they can. Utilizing these tools, long distance relationships can feel closer than they really are.

8. Don't Forget the Power of Video

There is something special about seeing the face of the person yo are talking to. Videos are powerful tools for couples in long distance relationships to use. Webcam chats and other video messaging tools enable people to see each other as they talk, no matter where they live. Seeing each other face to face, even though miles apart, can make long distance relationships easier to work through.

9. Don't Make Communicating a Burden

Though long distance communication is becoming more common, there are still costs that can hinder some couples. If it becomes too costly to stay in touch, it may signal the end of the relationship. Look for low cost ways to stay connected, such as low cost phone plans. You may be able to email each other for free by using free internet that is offered at many public libraries. Keeping costs low will make is less of a burden to keep the long distance relationship alive.

10. Involve Your Friends and Family

In a closer relationship, you would most likely introduce your partner to your friends and family. They may even have occasions to spend together and get to know each other. This can be very difficult to do with a long distance relationship, yet still just as important. Create opportunities for your partner to speak with your friends and family to make the relationship feel more real.


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