Saturday, April 16, 2011

182: him -----------

10 things i like about him

  1. he is nice and understanding
  2. he never gets angry easily or says hurtful things
  3. he goes to the mosque for prayers everyday
  4. he is "pemandu berhemah"
  5. he reminds me of my dad
  6. he cares about everything
  7. his voice makes me calm
  8. he enjoys his job
  9. he is an independent guy
  10. he listens when I tell him about mine

I'm so Lucky To Have Found You

Once in a lifetime
You find someone
Who touches
Not only your heart,
But also your soul.

Once in a lifetime
You discover someone
Who stands beside you,
Not over you.

You find someone
Who loves you
For who you are,
And not for who you could be.

Once in a lifetime
If you're lucky
You find someone...
As I have found you.



ihsan_huhu said...

fuh, ble kenduri?

wafa azman said...

fuhhhh.. hahaaa~blum ade dlm itenary lg..

Anonymous said... suweet :)

wafa azman said...

@yana: thanks yana..hehee ;D

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