Friday, February 11, 2011

124: hippie sixties -----------

60's hippie

syukur, internet dh sembuh skit..walaupn dh tak mcm siput, tp still mcm kure-kure..
nextweek bday housemate daku, dh bincang2..nnt nk buat celebration dgn theme hippie sixties.. biasela, makcik2 dentist to be ni mmg takde keje kl weekend (kiteorg bz weekdays saja), jadi kami sgt bersemangat kl buat party makan2 walau hanya celebrate kat rumah..hahaa~
hwaaaaaa!! nk pakai mende nnt?hhahaha~ mmg takde idea langsung, oleh kerane itu, marilah kite guna mr google.


60's hippie

Unleash the peace-loving hippie woman inside of you, using these makeup tips:

Get the look: For the hippie look, feel free to use all the colors of the rainbow. We're all a bit low on cash these days, so Jennings recommends using what you already have in your makeup bag. Use any multi-colored metallic eye shadow on your lids. Use a neutral coral lipstick on your lips topping it off with some neutral lip gloss. For a retro-enhanced blush, dab the same lipstick to the apples of your cheeks using a finger in a gentle pinching motion to blend it in. Try a pinky orange like MAC Lipstick in CB96, $14.50. Add a long, flowing blonde wig, tie-dyed t-shirt, bell-bottom jeans.

p/s: prasan x semua pose pn buat peace...(nnt kene pose buat peace jg kut) hahahahhah~


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