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10 Resolutions You Should Never Make

mode: nk share article ni ngn korg. tergelak bce sorg2..hahahaa~ ade jg yg kene kat btg hidung sdiri..hehehe~ ;D

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1. Get Married by the End of the Year
Marriage is a huge goal, especially if you’re still single, making the odds of failing painfully high. Instead, whether you’re in a relationship or not, focus on what you like about your current situation — you’ve got enough pressure in your life.

2. Fit Into Your High School Jeans

Resolving to be healthy is one thing, but setting hard and fast weight loss goals makes them more difficult to achieve. It’s more reasonable to commit to a workout routine, not a number on a scale or some denim that hasn’t been in style for years.

3. Go Blonde

Changing your look is a great way to jump-start the New Year—if the results are good. Radical beauty moves can go wrong, cost a ton of cash and sometimes make you cry. Why not try highlights first? Easing into a new ‘do will boost the odds of a great outcome.

4. Become famous
Get-famous-fast options usually involve sacrificing your dignity and privacy. Forget the Jersey Shore, honing your talents and polishing your work performance will get you much further, and winning the respect of those you admire is more satisfying and graceful.

5. Buy a New Wardrobe

If you're not socking some cash into a retirement fund, you might want to rethink your goal of acquiring a closet filled with fancy new clothes. Instead, consider upgrading with a few basics and accessories.

6. Stop Using Facebook

Facebook is a part of every aspect of modern life, from shopping, to reconnecting with old friends and stalking exes. So go ahead and give in to the urge, everyone else has.

7. Cut Out Sugars and Starches – Completely

Restricting your diet drastically is difficult, if not impossible for an extended period of time. Instead, give yourself small constraints, only eat homemade baked goods, or cut portions in half and you will start to see changes.

8. Win Back Your Ex

Sure, it’s a fantasy we’ve all had, but an ex is an ex for a reason. Spend the time and energy you would dedicate to getting his attention to looking for new prospects – or better yet, spend it on yourself.

9. Start a Blog

Blogs are great for self-expression and can be therapeutic, but if you're looking for over-night fame as a cultural critic, you may be a little late — the blog boat sailed a while ago. Launching a profitable blog is about the same a becoming a working actor — tough, but it does happen.

10. Try to Change Him
If he’s unwilling to make adjustments for you in his life, you cannot change him. Repeat, if a guy doesn’t want to change, he won’t. Either accept him as is, or walk away.


didi harun said...

Hehe... I Loikeeee

wafa azman said...

@didi:hahahahha~ i kene buat list baru ni..hahaa~

ihsan_huhu said...

xbape stuju sbb nih ditulis oleh org2 kapir

memang la diorg, mesti start dengan girlfren, pastuh jadik partner, pastuh fiacee, pastuh baru kawen.

by the time kawen tuh, anak pon dh masuk skola menengah. n kat level boifren2 tuh dh boleh romen2 dah.

wafa azman said...

@ihsan: erk.. article ni lebih unt pompuan la.. ko laki lain,rse nk kawin je bleh terus masuk pinang anak org. kl pompuan, berjanggut la tunggu org masuk pinang..lg2 zaman skarg, laki pn jual mahal.hahaaa~

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