Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hundred three ----------

from Mr. Doink ;)
did it in 30 minutes.

Starting Time : 2320
Name : Nurul Wafa binti Mohamed Azman
Brother(s) : Muhammad Amzar
Eye Colour : black+brown+white
Shoe Size : 37
Hair : medium
(secret ni..)
Piercing : ears
What are you wearing right now : baju tido sbb dh nk tido
Where do you live : Yogyakarta
Favorite no : 8 & 5
Favourite drink : green tea!!
Favourite breakfast : nasi berlauk!! klate punye~

Have You Ever :
Broken a bone : tak pernah
Been in police car : tak
Fallen for a friend :yes!kl org normal, mesti pernah punye..
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : yes! suke2 je
Swam in the ocean : yerp
Fallen asleep in school : hahaa~siap klua air liur kutt..
Broken someone's heart : broken pernah, di broken pn pernah..
Cried when someone died : yes
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yer, sy pernah buat bende tak berfaedah ni.......
Save e-mails : no
Been cheated on : mestilah...

What :
Your room like : sgt bersih (baru mop lantai ;))
What is right beside you : bantal+teddy+mirror+note book+remote control
What is the last thing you ate : biskut

Who did you last yell at : hilang ingatan
Who was the last person you dance with : ramai2 mse newyear
Who last made you smile : muna

Final Question:
What are you listening to right now : kipas je
What did you do today : g hospital, buat minor surgery (gingivectomy), makan dgn adel, blk rumah, lepak dlm blk, kemas blk, skrg nk tido.
Are you the oldest : yes!
Indoors or outdoors : indoors,tq

Today You Did:
Talk to someone you like : suke semua kwn2
Kiss anyone : no
Sing : yerp
Talk to an ex : no
Miss Someone : rindu semua org!!!
Eat : wajib ni..

Last Person Whooo:
You talked to on the phone : my lovely mama
Made you cry : myself.. stress ngn diri sdiri..haha
You went to the mall with : didi
Who cheer you up : my beloved ayah..rindu...

Have You:
Been to Mexico : tak penah
Been to USA : tak penah

Have a crush on someone : maybe yes
What book are you reading right now : orthodontic removable appliance ( ilmiah gile)
Best feeling in the world : bile blk Msia!! famly n frens r the best!
Future Kids name : hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..
Do you sleep with your stuffed animals : ade seekor teddy bear yg chepah kasi je
What is under your bed : beg dan beg dan beg
Favourite sport(s) : takde.. sy tatau main semua bende..
Favourite place : blk n rumah kat klate
Who do you really hate : a fren
Do you have a job : bibik unt blk sdiri

What time is it now : 2335

so wut did i got from doing this?
->takde pape..

saper yg akan di tag?
- jihanny
- ihsan huhu
- camim
- tik
- sue
- nanie
- didi


tnjta said...

yay ni best! sy akan wak skang jugok hhehehehe

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tnjta said...

wtf anonymous? eppa, awk kena disable anonymous comment. biar org hok nok komen semua kena ado id. what a douche.

wafa azman said...

hanny: tu la pasal!!! anonymous ni dr KL. haishhh sapo ore kL huk dengki nge sy ni.. sungguh stupid +tak berpelajaran+ terencat akal+ mental disorder sungguh!!
sy tuka setting doh.. huhu

Nizam said...

wah ape yg tlh terjadi di msg atas ni???
anyway thanx sebab buat survey ni :)

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