Sunday, January 23, 2011

112 : bridesmaid natural makeup

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural”

Calvin Klein quotes


nnt nk kene jd bridesmaid lg 2weeks (jd bridesmaid pn kecoh..hahaa~),
kene makeup sndiri.........

cmne ni??? cmne nk ksi muke berseri sikit??
(takleh over, kene sikit je)..... hehee~

bace & study tips dulu.. (copy dr cni.. link~)

Day make up tips for a radiant face:

Begin your make up routine by thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating your face. You can use a good face scrub for getting rid of the dead cells and follow these simple steps that will enable you to get the desired look.

Moisturize: Prior to applying any make up you need to use a good moisturizer containing UVA and UVB filters with an SPF of at least 15. A glazed moisturizer is an ideal base for day make up. It also protects your skin from the damaging effects of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Various brands have also come up with moisturizers that protect the skin fro the hazardous affect of pollution and other environmental hazards.

Foundation: There are three types of foundations— liquid, cream and solid. Liquid foundation is ideal for day make up. It stays all day long and keeps you looking radiant and fresh. Foundations with a vitamin or mineral base are also available these days. Pick a shade that is closest to the natural tone of your skin as it will even out the flaws and will not make you appear done up. Settle it in with a damp wedge.

Powder: Dab on translucent powder over your face and neck. Remember, the idea is to look natural and not made up.

Cream or gel Blusher: For a barely there natural look, you must go in for a cream or gel blusher. The best way to select the appropriate color is by matching it with eth natural flush of your skin. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks rather sparingly and avoid sweeping it to the cheekbones and temples.

Eye shadow: Shades in subtle earthen tones and beiges can work wonders for your eyes during the daytime. A touch of soft brown or copper eye shadow is enough to do the trick. An even better idea is to leave your eye lids bare.

Mascara: Keep it to the bare minimum. You can go in for brown mascara over black or even go in for transparent mascara. This will elongate your lashes without making them look too done up.

Lipstick: There are a wide range of colors available in the market to enhance your lips. Avoid using bright reds and pinks. Pick a sheer shade in nude or light peach and blot it well after applying it direct from the tube or by dabbing the color with your fingertips.

dh study semua tips kat atas, study from video plak..
( nk makeup cmni nnt!! bisa kah?? pasti bisa, harus pede!! hehe~)
link: video

How To Apply Natural Bridal Make-Up (Wedding Make-Up)

p/s: kene practice make up sampai jd mcm ni... owh, sy pemalas!! hahaa~


ElyaElmo said...

natural tu cantik..
tak over...:)

wafa azman said...

@elya: hii elya!!,tu la..suke sgt, simple n sweet kn.. ;D

ihsan_huhu said...

how to look natural? dont wear make ups

CikSyafa said...

mekap natural sangat cantik ^__^ . lepas kawen nk blaja mekap tomey2 wat hubby laa hehe

wafa azman said...

@ihsan: kl tak pakai makeupss langsung, nnt muke berminyak bleh buat goreng pisang la jwbnye...hehe~

wafa azman said...

@syafa: syafa, u r getting married in 2weeks!! mesti excited kn..heheehee ;D
tu la, byk bende kene blaja for life after marriage..semua pn unt husband.. ;)

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