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Tight-Budget Christmas Holiday 2009:
Adventurous Bromo
, Malang, Indonesia
By Wenang Anindyadatta Lanisy
December 26th 2009

Bromo is an almost cancelled plan through this Tight-Budget Christmas Holiday agenda. We were informed that it’ll cost IDR 365k per person, but as we got into
Malang, Cand’s GraM told us an alternative that’ll make us go to Bromo costless.

So by Friday night –around 10pm or 10 and a half pm, I’m not sure- we went to Bromo with Om Heru, Cand’s family, as the driver. He’s been to Bromo for multiple times so he already common with the tracks, the roadtrack to go to Bromo from Pasuruan is kinda scary at nite,, me and Cand was definitely won’t drive there at nitetime. In the uphill track, we were stopped twice to cooled down the car machine. The officer there offer us services for jeep rental @ IDR 300k or guide service to drive in the fog @ IDR 100k, but Om Heru said that we don’t need that, and we trusted him.

We got into the peak, named Puncak Penanjakan by 2.30am,, we were the 5th car to get there. Since the sunrise is 5.15am, we were played HappySong, tebak judul film, tebak kata, and singing together just to keep us warm. Others weren’t did that, I wonder was they’re feeling cold or not. Cand even managed to sleep on that condition.

It was near sunrise and Puncak Penanjakan is awfully crowded,, every SLR was set in place,, most was using their handphones (I wonder how it’ll look like since it was hard to take pictures with digicam, then what’ll happen if u took it with your phone). We use Wafa’s Samsung L730, a digital pocket camera, so don’t expect the picture would look photographically brilliant.

We didn’t like the fact that it’s getting more and more crowded, so we decided to left Puncak Penanjakan,, and we were shock to see cars were parked on the downhill track for kilometers long (I don’t know, maybe 2-3 km long). Om Heru said that we would better hurry to go to “Lautan Pasir” (Sea of Sands) before the traffic started to jam.

So there were us, one of the first car getting downhill on a broken roadtrack,, and more interestingly, since the fog still dense in the Sea of Sands, we wouldn’t know where we going,, thanks God, Om Heru knew the way to go to Pure even in that circumstances.

As we got into the parkin area,, horses and its jockey approaching us,, they offer services to go to the crater for IDR 100k. Since it’s a tight-budget holiday, we refused it. So we walk and take pictures all the way from parking lot to the Pure. Vincent was actually really wanna go to the crater, even by foot,, but me and Cand disagreed with that option. I was having stomachache, we would still spare some energy to go to Batu later on this day, and was it worth to walk that far just to watch a crates (if the crater was Telaga Warna, I’d said it’s worth while; but it was just a sulphuric crater –we don’t even like the smell rite?). So we got back to the car and got out of Bromo..

Om heru was offered us to take a detour to Madukinasih, a bathing place of Patih Gadjah Mada,, but since we were informed that it was just a waterfall, we decided not to go there. It was better for us to hurry back home and took rest. But first, we had to stop for breakfast at Rawon Nguling, Probolinggo.

This restaurant was reviewed by several media and been picked by president SBY as a place to eat at Probolinggo, so I ordered as what the article said. President SBY was ordered Nasi Rawon and Tempe Goreng,, whilst for me, I add Pecel Tanpa Nasi for fibers. Sadly, I didn’t taste anything spectacular. Rawon Sri Surabaya still tasted better, Tempe Goreng Soto Lamongan near my house in Yk still tasted better, Pecel is also standard, not bad, but nothing special.. XP

Finished eating, we continued our drive. We dropped Om Heru in Pasuruan,, and Cand did drove through the rest of the way to Malang..

p/s: copy paste sbb pemalas..hehee~ skrg dh takleh g gunung bromo sbb tgh aktif nk meletup.. (semua gunung berapi kat Indonesia nk meletup thn ni..huhuu~)


ihsan_huhu said...

fuh tight bajet pon leh jalan2

wafa azman said...

ehsan: hehee~ biase la..

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