Monday, December 13, 2010

sixty nine ----

gentleman.. when..

- He is successful at his job
- He is generous toward others
(bukan spesis selfish. cth: tlg angkat beg yg berat letak dlm cabin walaupn tak kenal. sy akan bg senyuman paling manis smbil ckp tQ bile ade guy cmni ;D)
- He is trustworthy
- He is easy to talk to
- He has goals for himself, he's ambitious
- He is kind to children and respectful to women
(sgt comel bile lelaki suke kanak2 )
- He keeps the perverted jokes to a minimum
- He puts a little effort into what he wear
(paling penting bersih!!)
- He don't flirt with other girls. We girls don't like it..
- He know exactly how to act under pressure, who to relax..
- He learns how to cook (bonus!!)

p/s: korg di alu-alukan untuk tambah lg criteria kat comment k..hahahaa~ takde keje kn buat list psl ni..


camim said...

sokong2... rs nk copy n paste kt my blog je... hehehe

wafa azman said...

sile2 copy.. hehe~
mim, tamboh la lg criteria lain..

Anonymous said...

buy clothes,shoes,necklace bracelet,accessories for his beloved..
umm do not spit..
can it be count in too? ;)

wafa azman said...

@suha: yes, bleh tmbah tu!! ;D

owez be wanie said...

Cute...nok copy dlm fb... Supaye lelaki2 tahu spesies begini yg dcari..heweee...

wafa azman said...

wanie: blh sgt2 copy..heheee~ nnt letok link blog sy skali..ahakss ;D

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