Wednesday, December 29, 2010

eighty five --------------

new year resolutions awardtQ for this lovely award sue !!

1. copy and paste this award in your blog.
~ done

2. write an entry,
5 things to do in 1432H
~ be a better muslimah (solat awal waktu& puasa sunat)
~ live a better life (eat healthy foods & do fitness)
~ be a dentist (finish my clinical)
~ be a better person (more patient, less anger)
~ open my heart (hahahahahhah~)

3. share your mission and/ or vision for this new year.
~ learn something new+enjoy life+ berSYUKUR everyday~

4. tag 5 person and let them share their things to do.
~ hanny @ mizz jihani
~ camim
~ kakak
~ tik
~ nanie
~ syafa (tau syafa dh dpt award ni. heehee)
~ ihsan
~ ummphs
~ meeya

p/s: uppss.. dh lebih 5 ek.. hehe~


tnjta said...

wahh vangganya dapat award :D macih eppa! nati sy letak ekkk

wafa azman said...

most welcome lalink.. hehee~ ;D

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