Friday, November 26, 2010

fifty four -----------


Indonesian fren: waf, kok kamu keliatannya makin gendut..pas liburan kmaren nambah berat ya???

wafa: iya ni..di rumah makan terus..*pengsan* owh.. kene start makan oats + herbal tea blk ni... aja-aja fighting!! yosshhh!!


1. breakfast -

Eating first thing in the morning helps stabilise your blood sugar levels and gives your metabolism a kick-start to start burning fat.

2. green tea -

Green tea
is said to contain natural properties which increase the metabolism and do just that.

3. water

Staying well hydrated is essential in helping the body flush out toxins and to produce energy which helps increase your metabolism.

4. spicy food
5. exercise

6. eat little and often

Eating small portions of protein, like lean chicken and reduced-fat dairy products, 5-6 times a day keeps your metabolism active and stops you from craving unhealthy food

7.muscle building

8. vitamin

In order for your body to convert carbohydrates into energy, you really need vitamin B. And it's is also needed for a healthy digestive system.

9. don't eat sugar

when you eat sugar your body turns it to fat if it's not burnt off quickly. complex sugars, such as oats, brown rice, brown pasta, brown flour and nuts release energy slowly so your body has more chance to use the carbohydrates as energy

10. sleep

if you're tired because you haven't slept your metabolism won't had the chance to recharge so it will be slower than normal. plus your body will crave sweet foods to give it constant burst of energy. so get a good eight-hour sleep so you're ready to start fighting the fat.

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