Sunday, October 17, 2010

twenty two --------------------------------------------------

bridesmaid @ maid of honor to be..

finally, after 25y.o, this is the moment that I'm waiting for!! one of my best friend is get ting married february 2011! i'm so excited!! hehe~ after googling, a maid of honor's duties might include:

1. helping the bride shop for her dress and bridesmaid's dress
2. when asked, giving advice on decorations, favors, music, and everything
3. helping the bride dress (and stay calm) before and during the ceremony
4. providing moral support at all times
5. being useful at the wedding reception

and this is my checklist for myself..hehe~

1. diet, drop few kg and be as skinny as i can be.
2. shopping, yes! we are going to Bandung this coming december! ;D
3. keep track with the wedding details
4. design a dress for myself, I'm thinking of modern mini kurung (the bride said, its gonna be pink n yellow!! tak pernah pakai pink from top to bottom before..cun ke?? heheee).
5. since I'm going to do the hantaran for the groom's side, i need idea~
6. enjoy every moment of it~ ;D


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