Sunday, October 24, 2010

thirty --------------------------------------------


  • sy TAK skinny
  • sy TAK obes
  • sy TAK pernah camping dlm hutan
  • sy TAK makan belut, budu, tempoyak, ikan pekasam
  • syTAK tau main sukan
  • sy TAK pernah merokok
  • sy TAK boleh imagine cmne rupe sy kl rambut panjang lepas bahu
  • sy TAK suke bilik sy bersepah
  • sy TAK pandai pakai liquid eye liner+maskara
  • sy TAK gune facial wash @cleanser
  • sy TAK pernah rase short-distance relationship (hahaha)
  • sy TAK tau main satu pn alat musik
  • sy TAK layan anime
  • sy TAK suke fresh milk

"People talk a lot about "letting go"- how that's the only way you can truly get over a break-up and move on, the only way to show your strength and exhibit growth. Here's what i think about letting go: You don't have to." ~ Anita Liberty (how to heal the hurt by hating)~

here's what wafa thinks about letting go:
don't let it go, but keep it as your sweet memory. LOVE is SWEET.

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