Friday, October 29, 2010

36. ------ Lipstick --------------------------

Q: knp pakai lipstick?
A: sbb dh tua..... hahahhaha~

Q: camne nk kasi lipstick tahan lame kat bibir?
A: bace tips kat bwh ni k..

M.A.K.E. Y.O.U.R. L.I.P.S.T.I.C.K. S.T.A.Y. O.N. L.O.N.G.E.R

1. Apply a small amount of lip balm to soften your lips, let it be absorbed for a few minutes - perhaps while you make up your eyes - then blot away any excess with a tissue.

2. Use a make-up sponge or your finger to blend a small amount of foundation or concealer over your lips. Set it with a dusting of translucent powder. This will act as a base for your lipstick and help to even out your lip line.

3. Line lips with a lipliner, using a colour as near as possible to your lipstick shade. Start as close to the natural line as possible, simply correcting unevenness. Lipliner gives definition and helps stop lipstick bleeding. Once you have the line, fill in the lips with the lipliner. This will ensure that the lip colour will wear off evenly.

4. Use a lip brush to apply your lipstick. Blend and soften the lipliner with the lip brush. For long-lasting colour, apply lipstick, blot with a tissue and reapply.

my favorite lipstick color



ihsan_huhu said...

pergh. aku tatau nk komen pe.

wafa azman said...

@ihsan: hahahhahahhahha~

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