Tuesday, October 26, 2010

32.----- stay young --------------------------

T.I.P.S T.O .S.T.A.Y. Y.O.U.N.G

1. mix with cheerful, happy people. laugh often, long and loud

2. be grateful for what you have and share the kindness

3. tell people you love that you love them, at every opportunity

put the cigarette out. smoking wrinkles skin & make you look old!

5. drink water at least 8 glasses/day. check your urine, it should be clear.

6. exercise, go for a walk to reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis

7. watch your blood pressure & cholesterol level.

8. don't stress. stress people have 3 times as much risk of developing heart illnesses.

9. give the skin nutrition. use a
lotion that contains vit A,C, E and retinoids. dark chocolate improves skin's texture, thickness, hydration, and blood flow.

10. look after your teeth. use dental floss daily and brush your teeth twice a day!!

11. continue learning and discovering

12. eat plenty of foods rich in
anti-oxidants & fiber; blueberries, broccoli, tomatoes.

13. get enough sleep

pic: 24years ago.. ;D




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